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I did a little poking around.Your H+R has a FN Supreme action.These are held in very high regard.You are looking for a floorplate catch,pin,and spring for a FN Supreme
You might contact RRGUNS.US.Another possibility may be Hoosier Guns.You would call them.The part is not on their site,but they do have Mauser stuff
They seem to have many varieties of Mauser actions.I did find a good picture of what may be your guard on an auction site.It was sold.I searched FN Supreme Trigger Guard and it was on Auction Arms,I think.Do you have the broken part?This is the sort of part a person with a drill press and a hacksaw and some files could make.Please do not alter the trigger guard.If it takes 3 or 4 tries,call it an education.If you are successful,a little Kasenite treatment on the camming surface of the catch would be good
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