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Originally Posted by wally626
I will not say your state does not allow it, not knowing your state, but very few states, I know of, prohibit you transporting a lawfully owned gun to a range. Usually it falls under the same exceptions you list above about shops and gunsmiths, hunting. In many states it would have to be cased and locked in a trunk or similar arrangement and would have to be cased when carrying to the car.
I respectfully suggest that you may be extrapolating. I know with absolute, 100 percent certainty what my state law says, because I looked it up and I keep a copy next to my desk. And I also know (but with less than 100 percent certainty) that my state is not the only state to limit where you are allowed to transport a firearm. I suspect if you were to review the laws of all fifty states, you would find that there are a lot fewer than you think that allow transport to and from a range without a license. Remember, we're talking about handguns. Some states are less restrictive with regard to long guns.

What I wrote was exactly correct -- if a resident of this state sets foot outside his/her own house with a handgun, and doesn't have a permit, they are committing a felony offense. The only exception is transport to and from a range for participation in an organized competition, or for formal training.

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