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Peterson v. Lacabe

On Wednesday, 20 Oct., Judge Miller granted the Colorado AG's request to act as a party to the action as an intervenor (#6). Judge Miller also granted Defendant Wier's motion to dismiss as a party (#6). The judge denied the motion to dismiss Lacabe as a defendant and denied Lacabe's cross motion for summary judgment (#19).

The Colorado AG, John W. Suthers, has 30 days to answer the plaintiffs motion for summary judgment against Lacabe (#17).

This is actually a good thing in this case. It brings in the AG, without Perterson actually having to name the State, but it gets rid rid of the frivolous MTD by Lacabe, while preserving the MSJ by peterson.

Final Pretrial Conference is now set for 11-30-2010. This barring an actual grant in the MSJ by the court.
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