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One myths I wanna dispell first:

A .50 BMG is not a drops...alot. It's used at long range, but that's by knowing the range and having good optics It's main point is it holds accuracy and alot of power at long range.

Overall though: it has power...alot of power. But not an end-all, mini-nuke.

A hardened piece of railway iron plate (The plate that rails are staked to, then staked to the tie), would only dent with ball ammo, and API ALMOST...went through it. It's ultra-hard 3/4" steel.

It did alot more "punch" than anything else, but it still didn't fully penetrate.

Also: A antelope shot with one didn't hardly notice... .50 caliber hole going in .50 caliber hole going out. Never expanded and the goat took off, ran out of range, stood around about two minutes then tipped over.

That all said, it's fun, and definately packs more "Oomph" (if that ain't a useless term, over-used by gun people ), than even our .338's, .375's,etc.etc.

P.S. Make sure the area won't light on fire, but API is cool due to the flash on impact
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