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Seen a man shoot a bronze boat tail at a 2 inch thick steel flange, first one went through and the second one split the plate (12 inch diameter).

What people DONT realize is how PLEASANT it is to shoot compared to some other guns, no worse then a 12 gauge. I was very nervous none the less. Seriously I have an old single shot 12 gauge with a steel butt plate that I wager will drive a framing nail into a beam if you touched on off with the but plate on the nail.

It was one of those steyr carbine single shot numbers. Lot of foot pounds of energy, not alot of practical use.........

Im saving up for one, the hand loading alone would be a fascinating hobby. Although I imagine in the next 20 years it will be relegated as a "marginal" deer round.:barf:, if its anything like the cannons I see that weigh under 8 lbs and are meant to be shot from the shoulder.
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