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Where are the Honest Class III Dealers

I've been trying to sell a Class III weapon for some time now. I've tried to deal with both out of state and in state dealers. The dealers I've come across have all been either deceitful or displayed the worst business practices imaginable.

Here are examples of what I've encountered:

1. They displayed an incredible lack of knowledge of NFA rules. I'm no expert but I certainly can find information on-line either at NFA orientated web sites (from knowledgeable individuals) or through the ATF which invariably discredits the information I've received. I find it hard to believe that these places can stay in business considering the importance of legality of process when dealing with class III items.

2. Business' who display a complete lack of customer service. I can't tell you how much time I've wasted contacting dealers who simply fail to return emails, phone calls, or answer the door at their establishments. One local shop has the open sign "ON," door locked, lights on. You can see the proprietor walking around the shop looking straight at you ignoring repeated knocks on the door. This shop has been doing this kind of business for years.

3. Failure to communicate. It is frustrating to be in contact with a business who fails to answer simple questions regarding the class III process. What their obligations are, what your obligations are.

4. Profit over everything else. I understand that it is a business that has to make a profit in order to survive. When you have a dealer who requires, (in this particular case) $400 for two tax stamps, (two CIII items) and $250 to facilitate the transfer of the two items on an in-state face to face sale without disclosing the fact that the transaction doesn't have to be facilitated through them is in my book - dishonest. Any dealer, (or business) which displays this level of deceit isn't worthy of my business and should be charged with fraud.

My experience so far as been that Class III dealers on the whole can hardly be trusted to supply correct information, but can be depended upon to make the purchase/selling of CIII items as confusing and profitable as possible. I hate to paint all CIII dealers with the same brush but from what I've seen even the websites of these business give false and misleading information. It's too bad because these CIII transactions are expensive and complicated enough.
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