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Originally Posted by Magnum Wheel Man
BTW... I did speak about this with my local builder buddy, who has done a couple cartridge conversions on the Walker a couple years ago, before he retired...
Hey, that's cool.

I'd be interested to know what kind of cartridge conversions he did on those Walkers and what the max loads were for them.

Just thinking out loud here are some possible loads that I'm considering:

40-46 grains Goex FFFg w/ 250 grain BigLube PRS bullet
48-52 grains Goex FFFg w/ 200 grain BigLube J/P bullet
50-54 grains Goex FFFg w/ 150 grain BigLube EPP-UM bullet
50-56 grains Goex FFFg w/ 141 grain round ball

I'm thinking that Goex FFg just isn't a good choice considering the relatively short barrel of the Walker. Cartridgea are perhaps more efficient versus cap-n-ball so some of these may need their load reduced a bit more.

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