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Originally Posted by Magnum Wheel Man
Very interesting... perhaps the barrel could be stamped 45-60 BPM, just to give any future relatives a hint at what you were doing ??? personally I'm very cautious of chambering for something that someone else could just stick in another "dangerous" cartridge... but I'd be OK, if the barrel were stamped as previously stated, & the head stamps obliterated on your 460 cases, & your cartridges are in a box properly labeled... ( after all, I've done several projects similar ) so let us know what kinda velocities are you getting, & how heavy a bullet... cool project...
I appreciate your concern. I really do. This is my take.

The barrel is already marked .44 CAL BLACKPOWDER ONLY. It would not be appropriate to mark the barrel with .45 BPM because this revolver is a cap-n-ball revolver. This Walker is currently sitting in the gun safe with a cap-n-ball cylinder installed. Because it is marked BLACKPOWDER ONLY it pretty much sums up what should be fired in it. For people who just refuse to heed that message I would say that some of those would still try something stupid even if I had engraved on the firearm "You will die a horrible death if you do not heed my warning not to try something stupid with this firearm". Likewise, I refuse to label all the plastic bags around my house with the warning: "This bag is not a toy. Do not put it over your head". (no, that isn't me in the pic)

Keep in mind that you probably own a number of firearms that can be chambered with dangerous cartridge loads. Just about all of us do. It might just be near impossible for most of us to find a firearm that we own where something stupid or dangerous can not be done to/with it.

All of my .45 BPM cartridges are safe to fire in this weapon. In fact you would be able to safely fire them in a .460 S&W Magnum firearm. It is very unlikely that an off the shelf .460 S&W Magnum cartridge would chamber in this Walker. The long bullets they use would be too long to chamber as the Walker cylinder is much too short. Besides, as I said the barrel IS marked BLACK POWDER ONLY. What can I say? If one doesn't want to heed the warning....well, there you go.

Regarding the name .45 BPM. I gave this a fair amount of thought before coming up with a name. Anything with the word "Colt" in it was deemed as possibly confusing. As such, ".45 Extra Long Colt", ".45 Colt BP", etc would do nothing but confuse everyone with the other .45 Colt names out there. So I made sure I dropped "Colt" out of the name. .45-60 or .45-60 BPM would imply that 60 grains of BP was safe or that the intent is to use 60 grains of it in the casing. That is not the intent even though the casing could hold up to 60 grains. 60 grains of BP with a 250 grain projectile is likely not appropriate for a Walker replica. I came up with .45 BPM because I wanted to show that it indeed uses a .45 caliber bullet and that the intent is to use only black powder in this cartridge. The word "Magnum" is there to show that this cartridge can be made to move a projectile with magnum force using black powder.

There are people who have tried +P loads in firearms not meant to handle such pressures. There are some who have accidentally double charged cartridges. While others load with the wrong powder or an inappropriate and unsafe charge/bullet. It is unlikely that you or I would engrave a complete list of what is appropriate and what is not on the side of our firearms.

Again, I do appreciate your concern so please don't take my response the wrong way. The only true way to prevent people from doing something inappropriate with our firearms is to destroy them.
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