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Walmart here in Warrensburg has a little bit of everything on their shelves.

For the guys who complain about the prices at their local gun shops and the guys who say support the local gun shops, it really comes down to half a dozen of one and six of the other...

When Bubba buys his ammo at Walmart and takes it to his store and marks it up 50% or more, why should I support him? Honestly?

When Bubba gets his ammo from a manufacturers distributor and it cost a little more than Wally World, I can understand paying a bit more.

When the ammo shortage was in full swing (or the demand was in full swing) our local Walmart put the ammo out at 9:00 AM. You could call the store and they would tell you, "Yes, We have... and it came in on the truck this morning, but we will not put it out until 9:00 am."

When you got there, standing in line were a few employees from local gun shops. They would readily admit they were buying it to mark it up and resell it.

I try to support local shops as much as possible, but I also believe in saving money where possible. Luckily I have learned to reload and do not have to buy commercial ammo very often.
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