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Shop at Walmart you get what you deserve including their little snot nose attitude concerning guns, ammo and handgun shooters in particular. I have never ever seen a more ignorant dysfunctional anti-gun crew anyplace including some college classes where I was the token conservative in the room
Move to the south. In my Wal-Mart they don't hide diddly poo or give you an attitude and it's usually gone pretty fast. They still can't keep it on the shelves.

I generally buy HP rounds there. They're cheap and reliable.

Heres an idea... stop being cheap and trying to save a dollar or two, and support your local gun stores instead.....
Oh dude... The two local shops I go to LOVE me. The more local start up shop has commercial reloads, they're not only cheaper but generally more accurate. I try to buy that when I can. Eventually I'll be getting a pistol from them. The less local shop has a bigger selection and they really love me. One of the salesman knows darn well that if I'm gonna buy something then chances are it might be expensive. 460V revolver, Kimber Pro Eclipse, Desert Eagle and sooner or later an M1A and a FS2000, yeah they LOVE to see me come in.
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