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More and more CHL's are getting involved in shooting situations as CWL's become more common. Since there is no rhyme or reason for requirements between the states for training it is difficult to tell who is well trained and who is not. Certainly there is little exploration into this area.

One of the more curious aspects of state mandated training is the fact that with nearly every state there is no requirement to get refresher training to continue to hold a CWL. Going to the driving a car example this almost makes sense, after all no state requires that you go back to driving school to continue to hold a drivers license unless you have proven yourself a poor driver. However, most people who drive cars do so on a regular basis. Most people who keep guns for self defense may only use them for that purpose a couple of times in their life, if ever.

This is in stark contrast to the military where soldiers may use weapons in combat a few times during a year long tour, but the war fighters spend significant time between tours learning combat skills. IME most soldiers will spend 20-30 times the amount of time training, to the amount of time actually in real combat. This does not even include preparation time for missions. The price of failure can be quite high. The truth is the military has learned that it is difficult to over train, if the training is good and correct. Tons of money are dumped into training each year to sort the problems out before the lead starts flying; trying to figure it out in the middle of a fire fight is a bad time to learn what you should have known all along.
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