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I just bought my first P6 tonight. Pretty good shape. A little bit of holster wear, but that's to be expected.

I got the gun and 3 magazines for $350, came home and spend another $85 in parts from TGS. I ordered the standard hammer, hammer spring, and P225 parts kit which included recoil spring, decocker spring, slide catch spring, roll pins, etc.

I want to find one of the short triggers but every place is sold out. I may just get one of the ones from custom creationz, but I'd rather get the official one if possible. I plan on dropping it off at Robar as well to have it refinished. I haven't decided yet if I'm goign to do NP3 or Roguard, or a combination yet.

Should be a fun project.

Also, my P229 E2 should be delivered tomorrow(Monday). Can't wait to get that thing.

If it wasn't obvious... I love my Sigs, and I'm sure you will too!
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