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Heres an idea... stop being cheap and trying to save a dollar or two, and support your local gun stores instead.....

I've said it time and time again,i refuse to pay any local extortion market a dime.Two local dealers advertise their range ammo for $18.99 a box,and my walmart still has range ammo for 10.97/12.97/15.97 a box for the same thing.I get 10% discount when i buy walmart ammo and i know when it comes in every time.I work for Walmart and i know enough when i'm behind the counter and will offer what ever advice i can to help.

When buying good ammo i buy online.Not speaking for reloading but for off the shelf ammo.

I can't see paying 29.86 + tax for a box of 25 federal hp's
when i can buy federal 50 count hp's online for 18.00 plus shipping

When i can get ammo deals for 18.00 a 50 count box for hp's and 49.00 for a bianchi leather holster,then i'll buy from our local extortion market.This is the same way i feel about guns,thats why i buy from summit gun broker or friends who are hard up for money.
it's better to have a gun on your hip than one to your head
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