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Training.... how about practicing that training

I have been putting on some basic practices called Shooting Like the Good Old Days - Shooting on the Move near the Seattle area for the last 3 years.

I see a huge divide in the area of places one can "practice" in a self defense manner. Basics of drawing from your holster, shooting on the move, reloading in an active shooting sequence, engaging multiple BG targets and shooting from cover.

Draw and presentation can be done in your living room.
Sure you can practice drawing from holster in your living room but there is a difference when you do live fire exercises. The motion can be covered but how and why doesn't always come up with dry fire.

Knowing your gun and its limitations and your limitations can be accomplished at the range.
True to a point. Shooting at a bullseye target will prove your marksmanship ability but many ranges will not allow you to practice many of the skills needed for self defense. Shooting from cover, shooting while moving (retreating), rapid fire to name just a few.

I'm glad Washington State does not mandate "courses" to obtain one's CPL (concealed pistol license). It is up to the individual.

If you're in the Seattle area.... look me up.
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