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Just for the record HK, I shop at China Mart for ammo and not much more... Its still a some what almost free country.

Im not knocking Wally World customer service so much as this felt like a political move and little to do with wanting to make sales.

I could care less about Wally World politics, except if they dont want to sell it then take the lablels off the shelf and tell me they no longer carry it.

As far as my local gun stores, what local gun stores? Major name companys are my local gun stores, if I knew a Tom or Dicks or Harrys within 15 minutes, Id drive there so long as prices are somewhat close but they aren't.

The only place I know close to home has a good 50% mark up over almost anywhere else I go.

Lastly all the above is more or less commentary. The root of the matter is who knows how many times I walked in and asked for ammo and they had it and they didn't say anything or even the employees didn't know or heck maybe the shelf was empty but I find it doubtful.

If it happened here it can happen elsewhere and forewarned is forearmed with at least knowledge.

I found the matter just a little disturbing.

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