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Well I don't see the point in going online and crying to others about poor service at Walmart. They are what they are, they don't care about you, they are just there to take your money the most efficient way they can. I would rather go to a local gun store, pay about a dollar more a box, and enjoy some free coffee and banter with like minded people if I am not in a hurry. Walmart prices don't beat out gun store prices around here that much. Plus all I hear about Walmart anymore is ammo shortage, raising their prices on it, and now that they hide it even when they do have. So why waste your time in going?

Even during the ammo shortage scare I never had a problem getting all the ammo I wanted at the same price I paid for by years because I visit local shops and the owners DO take care of their regular customers before the upset Walmart customers who come in running because Walmart is out of .380 FMJ's.

Even during the the craze of buying AK's and AR's I had a few ordered in for me, and would be filling out the paperwork as the shop owner is explaining to customers he never see's in his store that he can't order them an AR.

Yes the shop owner is there to make money, but they are a lot more likely to help out a customer that does business there regularly then someone just stopping in and saying Walmart is out of the ammo I need.
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