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HKFan9 Heres an idea... stop being cheap and trying to save a dollar or two, and support your local gun stores instead.....
WalMart IS a local gun store. Just as JC Penney, Dillards, Sears, Target, K Mart and Montgomery Wards once were local gun stores.

Explain how paying $25 for a 50 rnd box of ammo at Uncle Bubbas Gunz n Bait is better than paying $14 a box at WalMart.

Competition is good. Competition between WalMart and mom and pops makes the mom and pops do their job better. While Uncle Bubbas Gunz n Bait may not beat WM on the price of a 870 Express or a box of bulk pack .22's that shop has way more flexibility in the firearms they offer than does WalMart. Last time I checked there were only a very few WalMarts that still carried handguns (Alaska?). Competition keeps prices low and puts a premium on quality service as well.

Sorry, subsidizing a local gun store simply because they are a local gun store is as distasteful to me as paying for someone else's healthcare plan.:barf:
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