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Better approach is to remove the over travel on your Glock. All you need is a different 3.5# connector plus a Competition Trigger Spring for a lighter and crisper trigger. Most of the pre-travel and all of the over travel will be eliminated and you'll love your new trigger. Best of all is that its both cheap (about $20) and so easy you can do it yourself.

3.5# Connector: I've tried Glock, Scherer, and Lone Wolf 3.5# connectors in my Glocks and Lone Wolf's is the best hands down because it gives you the best 'break' with less take up and over travel. The other two connectors left a mushy feel in the trigger. You can get it from for $15 HERE.

Comp Trigger Spring: The Comp Trigger Spring is a higher weight spring (6lbs vs 5lbs) and because the spring works with you pulling the trigger, not against you, the higher spring weight gives you a lighter and crisper pull. has them for $5 HERE.

While you’re at it, give your Glock a 25¢ trigger job by following the instructions HERE. Its really quite simple to do and you’ll be pleased with the results.

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