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Wally World locally hiding ammo on customer?

I went to my local Wally World (Shakopee, Mn) that I have been going to on and off for a couple of years looking for ammo as often they have better prices than most places.

The last few months there has been no 45, 40 or 9mm ammo available at all and several times (more than 5) I have asked the people who work at the desk stationed right next to the ammo when there going to get in more 45 ammo. I have been given a universal and consistent answer from several different people who worked at the station that they didn't know when they would be getting more ammo but that a lot of other people had asked the same question.

Yesterday, I asked a young man at this same Wally World this same question and he told me they had some, I looked at the still empty shelves not seeing any signs indicating they had anything and thinking wow I got it as they were unloading a new shipment or something.... I looked around and saw no boxes or anything and the guy started calling another sales person for a key.

A few minutes passed and finally a lady appeared (she didnt look very happy) and opened a shelve containing at least 6 different types of ammo in stacks and stacks, 45, 40 and 9mm ammo sitting as pretty and hidden as could be.

So my question is do you think this is just my local store trying to lower the sales of 45, 40 and 9mm ammo so they can discontinue carrying it after claiming very low sales or what or is this some silent regional or national campaign. I also suspect that either the other employess didnt know there was a good stock of ammo in there or they were told not to sell it or something along those lines.

When I asked the manager why there wasnt a sign telling customers that they had these types of ammunition she said she had been told by home office to not put up a sign until they told her too, it sounded like it might have been a conversation that happened a while ago..

Maybe its all a simple mistake but I have my doubts, what do you think?

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