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I have no "bad barrel" right now Scorch thanks for the reply though. The Rem 700 ADL I gave my son, has some bad pitting, due to the previous owner "testing it out", when he traded for it. Him and his brother shot some older military ammo through it and knew nothing of how to clean it afterwards, after I pointed it out to them and that maybe it was too late to fix the pitting, I traded him out of it for a song, basically. This rifle has always shot very well despite. Just yesterday my son was grouping the old rifle at about 1/2 to 3/4's of an inch at 100 yds. I wished I had a dollar for every deer I have taken with that old rifle. I'm sure that he'll just keep shooting it until its completely worn out, and most importantly Scorch is the fact that the boy has the utmost confidence in his rifle! Getting back to the subject though, I was interested in what kind of polishing I would get from using the bore paste over a period of years? And if you say there's no real underlying benefit, I trust your wisdom on this matter!!
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