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Thanks to Maestro for the newest case - although I feel it is a train wreck in the making, I posted it nonetheless.

I used to think the NRA was bad at throwing a plate of spaghetti at the wall, to see what sticks, but this case appears to have thrown the entire pot of spaghetti at the wall.

Please keep referring back to the OP, as links to the dockets are found and updated. When clicking on the docket links, you will be taken to a RECAPped docket that will show you the most current entries downloaded from the PACER system.

RECAP is a FireFox plugin extension that allows those with PACER accounts to find the docs they need, and when downloaded from PACER, the RECAP program also archives the doc. When checking PACER for a document, if it has already been archived, RECAP will retrieve that doc, instead of the PACER doc. This saves everyone else money, except the first person who downloaded the original PACER doc. The RECAP archive is searchable, so if the pleading has been recapped, you can find it. See for more details.
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