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I suspect a single-stage is still in my future...

... but probably a few months away.

I know for a fact that handloaded .30/30 is more accurate than store-bought, -- even in my worn-out old lever-action, -- so I'll be wanting to build 100 now and then.

I'm setting up the payment for the SDB tonight... I might have the press some time before the new year if I'm lucky.

I probably will get the Dillon dies for the .38 eventually, too. I like shooting my Model 10! I think it may be older than I am (and I'm not exactly a spring chicken)

For now... if I go with W231 powder, the 225 grain RNL bullet... what brand primer should I use in the SDB? I did a search on the list, and it looks like I'm going to just have to pick up a small amount of several different brands and try it out.


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