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I can't really understand the situation in which people decry "safe queens" because they "look clean and pretty". It's snobbish on the one hand, and silly on the other. You can use a gun, particularly a pistol, and then actually clean it. It won't hurt you to get the crud off it, you know Clean, pretty guns doesn't mean they are locked away and the owner is afraid of dirt. It only means the guns are clean

Safe queen? No. Regular shooter. I take care of the thing and I give a damn about it. Pretty dern pretty 1944 Springfield

Safe queen? No. 1943 Inland

Safe queen? Again no. Regular shooter. Made in 1988, looks new. I love this thing, it's so purposeful. SiG hit a home run with the P226 in 9mm

Shooter. Made in 1978. Takes twenty minutes to clean this thing to sparkling

I don't think it makes anyone knowledgeable about guns if they do not take care of their expensive things as much as possible. I especially don't give the opinion much weight when the attitude is coupled with a suggestion that somebody does wrong by keeping their nice things nice!
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