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i have several stories. but i will only do what turned out to be the wosrt. i was working up some low speed/pressure cast bullet loads for my 300 win mag. and part of this, i was trying to kill two birds, with one stone, so to speak. i was shooting for accuracy and using a chronograph at the same time. i know for some of you, this is no big deal. but i have to concentrate real hard to chew gum and walk at the same time (not really, but i do get distracted easily). anyway, i was using a in the end of the barrel laser bore sighter, to make sure i didnt shoot the chronograph. which i had done the week before (fortunatly, all i hit was a wire rod that held the screen). well, you probably have already guessed where this was headed. and yes, i did, touch off the gun with the bore sighter in the end of the barrel. and yes, it did ruin the barrel. it only bulged the end, so i had a local gunsmith shorten it up, mostly becasue it was only 3 weeks til deer season. anyway, that did not work. the gun would only shoot 3" groups after that. then, my nightmare began. i took it to one of the best known gunsmiths in the state, with a new take off barrel that i had bought off from gunbroker. it took 7 months to get it back, and when i shot it, it was a little stiff to open the bolt. i really didnt think much about that at first. when i went to reload the brass that i had shot, i like normal, neck sized them. i went back out after a couple of days, and that is where i found the horrible truth. i went to load a round into the gun, and the bolt stopped about a quarter of an inch ffrom closing all the way. and i could not open it. i ended up coming home, and beating the bolt open with a rubber hammer. i had to find out what was wrong, so i got out the micrometer. to my suprise, the brass was out of round, egg shaped in the back half of the case mostly. what happened was the smith had cut the barrel a little, so the open sights would end up on top. and of course, after doing that, he had to open the chamber up a little. when he did this, he cut the chamber out of round. so, back to the gunsmith it went. after another month and a half, i called to see what was going on. he said he had a used barrel laying around the shop he was going to put on it. that did not set well with me at all. i ended up buying another new take off barrel from gunbroker. i called after another 2 weeks, to let him know, and at that point, he said the used barrel he was going to put on it was no good, and he was going to have to order a new barrel from remington. i told him that i bought another new take off barrel, he was quite happy. and he said he would reimburse me for the 2nd barrel, which he did. anyway, after all of this, i eneded up with a barrel that is on the gun. the job was not what i would call a good professional job, but it is on, and the gun shoots reasonably well. the barrel is not lined up correctly, meaning the stamping on the barrel is in the wrong place. by doing this, he did not have to cut the chamber, which might be the best thing that could have happened in this particular case. iam i real happy with the job, no. but i will live with it. at least for now. if i end up with a big chunk of change, someday, i might take it to another gunsmith and have it fixed correctly. but money is really tight right now, and i can get better than sub moa from it (with handloads) so i will just leave it for now. now, the chronograph stays home, until i have an accurate load worked up. then, i take it, and crongraph ten shots, so i can come up with an accurate balistics table for it. no more two birds with one stone for me.
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