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Scope suggestions? CX4 Storm

Just bought this shiny tool a week or two ago. Love it so far!
Thinking about a scope for it, but I can't settle on anything. I've been looking at some NCStar red dots lately. Saw the NCStar mark iii with quick finder today. I definitely have that on my consideration list but beyond that, what would work well with a .40S&W Pistol Cal Carbine?
Ideally, my criteria are:
~Illumination. Either red dot/green dot or some sort of lit reticule.
~Zoom. up to 2-6x would be fine. Adjustable would be nice, but not necessary. This is one of the more optional criteria.
~Reliability. Gotta be able to stay centered after having it mounted on my rifle without taking it off often and while taking the recoil from .40 shells.
~Price. I'd really prefer it to be around $150 or less.
~Eye relief. Another optional component, I'd like unrestricted/unlimited eye relief, but this is perhaps the least important part.

Thanks in advance!
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