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Originally Posted by HappySig
I'm lucky I wasn't hurt
This isn't on my shelf, but it is certainly in my memory, a guy at the range told me a "great" load for a 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser, well, I trusted him and I loaded up 20 rounds and went out and shot them and the first round went off much harder than it was supposed to, damn near like a 30 06, and I knew that that gun wasn't supposed to go off like that, so I came home and took them apart, and his charge was almost 3 grains over Max of what my loading manual said. Two lessons learned, never shoot anybody else's pet loads, and always, always consult the manuals.
BTDT with an 8mm FN-49. Touched off a few rounds noticing they were "rather stout" and had a jam on the 3rd. Close inspection showed a primer had blown out of its pocket and jammed the action. I looked at the other two rounds and they too showed signs of primers bringing backed out/flattened! I too vowed "never again" and pulled and trashed the lot!
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