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Things are heating up in Wisconsin.

Clark County Judge Jon Counsell has ruled, in an MTD by the plaintiff, that Wisconsin's ban on concealed carry is overly broad, violates the 2A and the 14A, and is therefore unconstitutional. Read about it here.

I have no pointers to the first item (it is not yet on the PACER system). Since this case is essentially a county magistrates case, it is noteworthy, but unless appealed and upheld, is not yet citable as persuasive authority. It is notable in that this may cause the Wisconsin legislature to enact a workable CC statute.

In other news, Wisconsin Carry has filed another federal lawsuit. This one is a 42 U.S.C. ยง 1983 action that demands damages suffered by the plaintiff from the individual officers and to erase the records of her arrest. Read about this one at Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

This case, since it is at the federal level, may become citable if upheld. It has been included in the OP.

In other news, the SAF has filed another lawsuit. This one is in Georgia. It seems that in 1968, a man was convicted of a misdemeanor assault charge, fined $100 and court costs of $9 dollars. This in the State of MD, which until recently, did not have a statutory limitation on misdemeanor sentencing.

In 2008, Jefferson Wayne Schrader of Cleveland, GA (an honorably discharged Vietnam era Naval vet), was denied the opportunity to receive a shotgun as a gift. Again, denied in 2009 to purchase a handgun for self defense. These denials were based upon the new MD law that set a statutory limitation for any misdemeanor at 2 years incarceration. The feds are using that to deny firearms to a 1968 misdemeanor conviction. Read the SAF press release, here.

This lawsuit has not yet been made public and will be added to the case list, when available. (hint: someone post the link if you find it before I do)
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