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Originally Posted by Rifleman1776
Someday, somebody acquiring that gun after you will attempt to fully load with hot powder.
Here we go.....

I'd like to think that the "somebody" you are referring to would have already learned their lesson after loading up anyone of the 1000's of firearms out there with a load they were not supposed to. Perhaps someday, somebody acquiring one of your firearms will attempt to fully load them with something they should not. Ergo, my point. Nothing is idiot proof. You may need to re-engineer YOUR firearms so that doesn't happen.

Seriously, this thread isn't the place to discuss what idiots may or may not do. But, in part, I do agree with you Rifleman that it is possible. Besides...I'm taking all MY FIREARMS (mine, mine, mine) to the grave with me. I'm surprised y'all aren't making similar arrangements.
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