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Looks like an M1905 to me. Perhaps others more knowledgeable will join in soon and confirm.
Definitely not

Only RIA and Springfield made Models of 1905

here is my SA Model of 1905 bayonet, made in 1919, with a WWII scabbard:

that bayonet pictured by Evyl Robot is definitely not trash. But look at the scabbard- that frog is not the USGI WWII type. It's earlier

The bayonet in question appears to be a US M1892 (or 1895? I'm not a Krag expert) Krag Jorgensen Bayonet, although I believe they didn't use the term "M1892" at all, it was "Model of 1892". Compare to this:

Looks like a Krag to me, check the sample pages.

plating bayonets and scabbard throats was common for parade equipment

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