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Can't see the pics, but I will try...

When I'm not collecting guns, I collect bayonets, knives and military antiques. I'm unable to see the pics from this pc, but here goes...

I found this site...looks like maybe a dress version of the 1892 Krag-Jorg.
If it looks like that, then thats probably what it is. No other American bayonets really look just like that. We established that its US in origin by the stamp, or at least a repro of a US bayonet with "08" most likely being year of manufacture, 1908. If it is a Krag bayonet, its actually pre WWI not WWII as you were told. The extension thing you speak of behind the handle is commonly called a "frog" but in this case, its more like a belt hook or loop, the difference being that a frog is basically 2 crossed loops, one hold the bayonet while the other one goes horizontal so a belt can be passed through it. If the bayonet was nickeled, its not worth much, perhaps $20 or $30, mostly for the scabbard. Despite their age, these are not rare nor are they as sought after due to the period and the lack of famous battle/war connection that 03 Springfield, 1917 Enfield, Trapdoor, Garand, and Carbine bayonets have. If its some type of dress variation, it could be rare and perhaps the "nickel" finish is original. I'm not familiar with a dress variant of a Krag bayonet, but I suppose its possible.

Looks like an M1905 to me. Perhaps others more knowledgeable will join in soon and confirm.
If its a M1905, it was made for the 03 Springfield. It should then be marked "SA" or "RIA" for the 2 armories/arsenals that made those bayonets at the time, Springfield Armory and Rock Island Arsenal. It should also have a wire hook which goes horizontal over the top of the scabbard. The scabbard should be canvas covered with a leather tip or wood (if cover is missing) if it was a 1905. A metal bayonet scabbard indicates a Krag because AFAIK no M1905 or later bayonets had all metal scabbards which were US in origin. Furthermore, 1905 bayonets are 16 in while Krag bayonets are approx 12 in (between 10 and 14, I cant remember). When the M1905 bayonets were shortened for Garands for WWII, they were shortened to 10 in(and were given bakelite grips) - those are known as M1905E1 bayonets. So a 1905 bayonet should not fit in any all metal scabbards unless of course the scabbard is from a European bayonet (very unlikely).
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