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Be wary of

Let me say I have ordered custom leather gear before and this is not my first rodeo.
I was in the market for some new gear and went Internet shopping & checking around.
Being a LEO I am limited to the amount of money I have to spend.
I ran across
I saw what I wanted and ordered a holster, mag pouch, and belt for $200.99 for my Glock 27.
I ordered on July 15th. Their web site quoted a 3-6 week turnaround & I figured "What the Hell" and made my purchase.
That's right & I paid up front. My first mistake, second mistake, I should have checked around first about them.
I should have gone with my first instinct which was KD leather.
I am a patient man and I waited till the 6 week timeline and then Emailed them.
Their reply: Techinical issues are adding additional 2 weeks, OK, things happen.
It has all gone downhill since. I have sent them 6 emails and made several phones calls to no avail.
Next excuse that I got around Oct.5th ~ "It will be ready in 1-2 days."
Guess what? No rig came in.
The next one said the holster maker had a death in his family, yet another delay.
Well, I guess being a Cajun I am starting to get ticked off now.
I feel I am getting the run around.
Well, I sent one more email demanding that my rig be in by this week or I want a full refund.
If not, I will file a consumer complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals office.
I even asked them to call me to discuss this matter, no calls yet.
I feel like they are thinking "How dare he do that."
All I ask is to be honest, better customer service and communications.
They have my hard earned money.
I know that the most famous holster makers take even longer but you know that at the beginning with makers like Del Fatti, Sparks, TT, Tucker the list goes on.
Maybe to some you might think I am blowing this way out.
I know good things come to those who wait but, Damn! a little more concern for the customer...don't you think?
I know I can get long winded sometimes so please excuse my ranting.
13 weeks have past now, so this Friday is my D-day.
To be honest with you I do not expect my order or my refund this week. I have this bad gut feeling.
That "gut feeling" has come from being a LEO for 30 years.

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