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Slow Tex, purchased a Lyman reciever sight after noting how well I could see the factory sights. My smith told me he didn't have time to drill and tap due to hunting season needs etc. so I bought the drill bits and taps needed, but the guys in smitty forum talked me out of trying to drill with a hand drill. My handloads with 170 jacketed FPs grouped as well as I can see, and I have a couple 8mm molds that may work, but have my eye out for something designed for the 321 bore. It's a work in progress.

Here's more good news, about 3 mos ago I sent my Marlin 94cl back to the factory because of feeding problems, got it back but still had feeding problems. Marlin sent me a prepaid mailer thingy to send it to Mann and Sons, an emporium noted for their work on Marlins. They were unable to fix so sent it on to Marlin. For the last 3 weeks marlin says that they can't actually put their hands on it but are sure it's in the system...somewhere.

How bout that for a fine whine?
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