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seefers23: Your revolver was produced in 1953. There were a number of different models that shared the same series of serial numbers, but only two of them were blued and chambered for the .38 Special cartridge: the K-38 Target Masterpiece (which later became the Model 14) and the K-38 Combat Masterpiece (which became the Model 15). Because your gun was made prior to 1957, those model numbers will not appear anywhere.

Both models had adjustable rear sights. Generally, the pre-14s had a 6" barrel and the pre-15s had a 4" barrel, but other lengths were available and there was some overlap between the two models, so a better way to distinguish them would be via the front sight. The pre-14 had a so-called "Patridge" sight, which has somewhat undercut, nearly straight back edge to provide a clearer sight picture for target work. The pre-15 had the ramped front sight to avoid snagging when drawn from a holster.

Whichever one you have, in that vintage (any vintage, really) it's a very nice gun. If you get a chance, please post and let us know which model it is, and also the barrel length, which is measured from the front of the cylinder (not the front of the frame) in revolvers.
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