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Cheap insurence

Hello, About this time of year the rifle ranges start to come alive with deer hunters. At our club, we put on sight-in days for the general is because of this and other issues I no longer hunt as I used too...just too dangerous out there! during the last few years, I have seen guy's out there who needed to make sight adjustments & wanted to borrow a screwdriver. Now I ask you, if a guy knows he needs to make adjustments...why, for crying out loud doesn,t he bring his OWN tools??? I have seen it happen twice now, one of our members was asked for screwdriver..he lent him a very nice one from a complete set, promply got busy helping someone else & forgot about it..The borrower left with it! Last year someone broke tip off, returned driver without so much as a thank you..let alone an apology or offer to replace. My insurence..pack of three at dollar store..made in China of course, finest mild steel!
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