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This one was serious. Using some older but still good Powder I will not name because I do not think it was to blame, I loaded up a few rounds for an IPSC match with a powder that I did not usually use for that application. I went out of my shed to try three rounds for recoil, with my ears on but no "eyes" on.I pullled the trigger, The gun, my Kimber that I have used for 13+ years in comp. completely came apart on me, parts were all over my driveway. The next day the eye surgeon pulled 56 pieces of brass, all brass, out of my eyes in a very uncomfortable procedure. I still thank God that I can see. I put the Kimber back together and she still runs like a well oiled machine, except that the grips had to be replaced as I had to use a knife and tweezers to dig them out of my hands. About a week later,when I could see fairly well, I pulled the rest of the rounds and they all measured right on the money. My friend reloaded some in his Kimber and they ran just right, giving a 170 power factor with my lazercast bullets. I will never know how that happened, but I consider myself lucky to be able to see, and I take my handloading more seriously than I can tell you now.I still have the surgeons bill, and if I had a digital camera I would put a picture of it up.
Just my story
P.S Even though it takes a while, all of my IPSC loads were done with a single stage RCBS and hand weighed, so I do not know how this happened nor will I ever, but my only response to this incident is more caution and attention to detail.

Bill Henderson
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