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I almost forgot to add a small note about ammo. The lower is stamped with the model i.e. HK 416D. It is also stamped with 22 L.R. HV. It goes without say that the L.R. means long rifle and one might assume that the HV means high-velocity. One nagging concern for me is that this rifle will only work well with the more expensive high velocity stuff, i.e. CCI mini mags, etc. Again, I will find out soon enough but hope that is not the case.

In my experience all the tacticool rimfires need to be fed the HV fodder. Seems the same for my GSG, buddies SIG and S+W. Most of the dedicated AR uppers seems to liek the high velocity stuff as well. Heck, still a helluvalot cheaper than 5.56.

Very cool little rifle, thanks for the post and report
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