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Leopard hunting is extremely hazardous in my experience( 3 safaris.) I haven't needed a second shot but I wouldn't hunt them with deer calibers.I have taken several buff with .470 Nitro (500 A-Square solids)and one with .375H&H (300 Swift A-frame.)I use the .375H&H with the 300 Nosler on leopard. The hippo is most deadly when afoot, not in the water. I have carried the .416 Rigby when in hippo country and used it on eland. They are huge but not dangerous. In Rhodesia .375 is minimum for eland,jumbo,lion,buff and white rhino.Yes I know it is Zimbabwe now, I am being politically incorrect. The thing to remember in Africa is that one never knows what one will encounter when bounding through the bush.
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