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Question on AWC Thundertraps..............

At my place of employment we currently have two thundertraps for .308 and one for a .243. One of the .308's and the .243 have had similar issues. Both of them have had simillar accuracy issues. Firstly the .308 was all over the paper. One hole gun w/out the suppressor, junk with it. As the gun got hot the worse the group evolves. We had a 243 as well that would not shoot. Out of curiosity I removed it from the vault and started ruling out possibilities. With the suppressor it is junk, and the more you shoot it(as it gets hot) the more you have to adjust the crosshairs up to be reasonably close to the target. W/out the suppressor the gun is a superior shooter. Interesting point here. The difference between point of contact with and without the AWC can on the 243 is about 2 1/2 feet. I screwed another suppressor (different brand name) and shot a 5 shot 1/2" group. Removed the can and point of impact was only 1" and still shot superbly. Upon looking as good as I could I didn't see signs of bullet strikes. Have any of you experienced similar problems with these or other cans?
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