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My local NFA dealer is a POS too. My first NFA transaction, and nothing but problems. They won't start making your suppressor until you pay for it, and they promised 3-4 months. After numerous visits over a years time, they have finally made it. Then they screwed up and never sent off the paperwork. A few calls to the ATF got that problem resolved. I also payed to have a rifle threaded at the the time, and after witnessing their incompetency, I won't give them one of my rifles to be threaded. They REFUSE to refund any money, so I had to have them order something with my money at their inflated prices. They even managed to screw that up. It's been almost 3 months since I had them order my Buckmark pistol, and I still don't have it. If you live near Corpus Christi, TX, you know who I'm talking about...
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