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Total Cost of Purchase

OK, I know this sounds pretty nerdy/anal, but, when I purchase anything and seeing a possible online vendor (antiques and "only one like it on the planet" items) I take the wait time (at 8hr/day) and multiply it by the prevailing minimum wage. If I'm not saving that much I buy it locally. First at a Mom & Pops place then a Corporate store. A friend uses his hourly wage times the 8hr/day time frame........he always buys locally. FWIW, I have a local gunstore that I have had excellent results from. I take my Iphone in to his store. I browse to Gunbroker, Guns America, Midway, etc. I show the owner the item and usually I have it in 1-2 business days tops. You see as a Gun Store owner has a huge "database". People come in and want to trade, or sell, or get a price estimate on a gun they want to sell.
I tried this same approach with another Gun store. He told me essentially, Poke it up your Liberal".....he went out of business after about 1yr.
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