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>>I purchase a MAC-10 years ago from Valiant Arms Machineguns when it was owned by Lou. I too have both traveled to and emailed the folks at West Coast Machineguns. I've never received a reply to any inquiry I've made, nor been able to catch the shop when it was opened. I too have doubts about this company. If you go to their website you'll notice that it hasn't been updated and is entirely useless - and it has always been this way.

Thanks for the post, Dajowi. For info, this thing still has yet to be resolved. There're apparently now five separate formal complaints, mine included, filed with the local P.D. against WCMG. Three involve NFA weapons. Luckily I took delivery of my suppressor before this all went south, so am "only" out a semi-auto rifle, but it ain't a good way to run a business.

I'll post follow-up info as it's received.

----Mac Scott
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