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Military issue colt .25, WWII

Our Dad passed away last year,USMA 1940, retired as bird colonel. Was in WWII, European theater, and stationed in occupied Berlin post War until 1947. While he spoke very little of the War, he told my brothers and I , among other things, that he carried his Colt .45 whenever he had to go to the Russian sector. Berlin was a destroyed city and defeated people. There were some instances of attempted and actual robbery, of occupying soldiers in occupied Berlin by desperate Germans, although few serious injuries. My father, and other US Army officers, were often reluctant to carry their .45's other than in the Russian zone, as it was intimidating in dealing with the occupied people and usually totally unnecessary. Because of the attempted and actual robberies, it was necessary to take some preventative action.

As a result, my Dad and other officers were issued Colt .25 automatics, along with leather belt holsters. The incidents of attempted holdups dropped dramatically and Dad wore the pistol often in Berlin until his return stateside in 1947. I have both his .45 Colt auto, which is stamped, and his .25 Colt, which is not stamped, as well as the original leather holsters for both. Dad was certainly not a general officer at the time (Capt. and Major).

I do not know if this adds any clarification, but the US Army definitely issued
Colt .25's immediately post WWII in occupied Berlin. Dad's is not stamped, and I cannot comment on any others. We have copies of his military file, including WWII and after.


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