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MAK90 Optics mounting and other stuff

Awhile back I bought a Maadi MAK90 on the cheap. The furniture was in rough shape hence the low price. It shoots great buy I have never done anything to improve its looks.

My wife is buying me a ATI Fiberforce Dragunov stock for my birthday next week.

I'm thinking of adding a scope to this gun, either a red dot or maybe a MIL-Dot. Does anyone have experience with the reciver cover mounts like this one:

How well do this work? Will they hold zero or close to if I take the reciver cover off?

I would like have the option of swapping covers as I am also considering a set of Tech-Sights (AK100S)

This will mainly be a plinking / Mall Ninja gun with a little HD (I consider all my guns to be HD).

Any other add ons or mods I should/could be considering?
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