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Here's Dr Davis' (bprevolver) reply on GU marked guns from the Replica Percussion Revolver Collectors forum:

Originally Posted by author=drjldavis link=topic=40.msg116#msg116 date=1280252180
The Navy Arms with the “GU” initials are Very, Very, Very collectable. The “GU” stands for Gregorelli and Uberti. Gregorelli made the steel parts and Uberti assembled the revolvers. On the 1851 Navy, the first revolver to be marketed, the “GU” will be found into the 5000 serial number range. The highest number in the RPRCA collection is 5080. The “GU” can also be found on the first Griswold & Gunnison, Leech & Rigdon, Remington New Model Army and New Model Navy.

On the Griswold & Gunnison and Leech & Rigdon the “GU” appears on the right side of the barrel flat the same as on the 1851 Navy. NAVY ARMS is on top of the barrel and on left side of frame. Our Leech & Rigdon #6546 does not have the NAVY ARMS on the left side of the frame but only on the top of the barrel.

On the Remington New Model revolvers the “GU” is located on the bottom of the barrel under the loading lever. These revolvers will also have the Navy Arms Bogota, NJ address.

The Navy Arms replica revolvers have been collectable almost from the beginning. Since Navy Arms is no longer in the revolver import business these guns will definitely become harder to find and much more expensive. Also, keep an eye out for the Navy Arms Powder Flask. These are Very rare. I “stole” one of these in a cased set with a Leech & Rigdon “GU” initialed revolver on Gun Broker. I was the only bidder at $350 starting, No Reserve auction.
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