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As a Newbie I promised to load a batch of 45 ACP for a friend of a friend. Turns out the cases were steel but I went and did it anyway. Broke my press and had to buy a new one and a new die. Got them loaded but he had a 50% failure rate which was terrible. Also last time I ever promised to load something for somebody and its why I have a magnet on the edge of my parts cabinet to check brass cases with first.

Then I read to many articles by Gun Writers who at the time were like all knowing Gods to me and the end all be all self defense bullet was a 45 cal. 230 gr hardball bullet loaded backwards. Take it from me its a bad idea. They don't feed and anything more than 6' away is going to be a miss anyway. Who needs a one shot SD gun that isn't accurate?

Have to brag on one load. Opened up two 10 gauge shells, dumped the shot, refilled with dry shelled corn and bacon grease. Neighbors dog no longer chased our chickens, gun smelled like bacon and popcorn and was very easy to clean. Also broke my nose, 2 barrels triggered at once by a skinny kid who had never fired a shotgun before was a bit much. Apparently it was great entertainment for my buddy because it took him a long time to stop laughing. Party from a white dog with a newly colored black backside going over the fence and me laying on my back in the driveway wondering who had hit me and how many of them there were.
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