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Case #24

Bonidy v. U.S.P.S.: Debbie and Tab Bonidy and the National Assoc. Gun Rights have sued the Postal service for violation of their 2A rights. Filed 10-04-2010 in the US District Court for the District of Colorado. Attorney James Manely (Mountain States Legal Foundation) for the plaintiffs.

The Bonidy's have no delivery service and must go to the P.O. in order to get their mail. They want to be able to drive to the P.O., leave their lawfully concealed firearms, secured in their vehicle and retrieve their mail. Postal regulations make it a felony to carry on any Postal property, even the parking lot.

The entire complaint is only 7 pages, so it is a short read.

Now, in case you missed it, this is the NAGR that is a party to this lawsuit. If you will remember, I and some others have virtually called the NAGR a front for the anti-gun lobby, at worst, or a GOA sock puppet, at best.

If this suit is an actual change for them, I may have to eat my words.
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