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One thing to keep in mind. If your rifle doesnt have a "HS" incorperated in the serial number then it is unsafe to fire ANY high speed ammo. Even shorts. The bolt will eventually break approximately 1/3rd the way back from the reciever. Your only choice of ammo is older standard velocity ammo. You can get away with high speeds for a short time but the bolts will break. I broke 3 bolts in my youth before I started reading. Replacement bolts are unheard of, so if it breaks a bolt then your only choice is to by a junker gun, rob the bolt and hope it wasnt shot with high velocity ammo. Few people realise that a 22 high speed ammo has a breech presure of 24,000 psi, higher than many centerfire handguns including the 38 special +p and the 45ACP+p.
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