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I have shot several rifles at Appleseed shoots.

At the first one I used my M1A for the first 13 shots. Then I switched to a Winchester 52 with standard peep sights. I found it difficult to see the one-inch black squares used to zero on Saturday. My eyes are considerably older than when I shot the 52 a lot. It had the advantage of easily taking a cotton Garand sling because the sling swivels were wide enough for one.

Next I used a Remingtion 541-T HB with a 4-16 power scope. I did somewhat better with the scope but had difficulties making my shots in the time limits. Another mag for the Remington would have helped a lot.

The most recent shoot I used my Ruger 10/22. It's been messed with to the tune of a trigger job, a heavy barrel, a Fajen red, white and blue laminated stock, and a 3.5-10 power scope. I had a pile of mags, of variou capacities, for the 10/22 and brought most of them along. Did not earn the rifleman patch but got closer with the 10/22. No problem with time limits. Shot low a lot and didn't notice it in time to correct the problem.

Have occasionally given some thought to using an M1 Carbine at a shoot. Sights are good and the carbine is accurate enough for 25 meter shooting. Will probably stick with the 10/22 though.
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