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The Ruger 10 22 is the preferred rifle at Appleseed. BUT I had to spend some serious money on mine to finally get it to shoot reliably and to have decent groups. I bought the carbine at Wally World for about $250.00. First, the trigger is terrible and I bought a hornet trigger group to fix that. I was having FTF and a few ejection problems. Ended up buying a Kid bolt with pinned firing pin and upgraded extractor. Zero mechanical problems now. The last shoot at Appleseed I shot in the 190’s my groups were awful with some flyers added in. I thought my eyesight was going south. I pulled out my Marlin 60 with tech sights and shot practically a one hold 14 shot group (bagged up at the range). Next, I bought a Weaver Classic Rimfire 3X9 AO scope $200 + for the ruger. The rifle still wasn’t grouping well—still some flyers. FINALLY a new Hogue overmolded stock. The rifle now shoots about a 1.5 moa, the old stock was the culprit. The bottom line about $700 (including the scope and carbine) spent with no new barrel to get this rifle shooting well.
If I had it to do all over again I would personally go a different route with a Marlin 795. I have a brick of Wolf target match ready for the next Appleseed. The ruger likes that one.
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