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If GPal still hasn't transfered your money to you and you would like to contact law enforcement about it please call the following individual.

Carl Chapman (707) 265-2372

He's with the Marin County DA's office. They'll be taking the lead on the investigation I think. Mr. Chapman is also a supervisor in the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force. Here is their website.

I would guess that the task force will be investigating this matter. It is important that you call him if you want a shot at getting your money back. I think the BBB has been forwarding complaints to Marin County so they may already have your information if you've gone that route.

It seems like it's been a while since GPal's paid anyone and Ben/GPalVP is MIA. Now is the time to try to get something out of them even if it takes a while. It's too bad but I don't think any of us will see a dime.
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